J-Stuff, K-Stuff Moving Sale!

UPDATE: Sale is now closed! Gotta pack everything up!

My sister and I will be moving soon so it's time for us to clear out all of our unloved and unused stuff! Items are shipping from Canada - if you're interested in anything I will get it weighed for exact shipping costs. Paypal is preferred, but Canadians can also pay by Interac e-transfers by online banking. Please comment/email to place orders/ask questions etc.

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Feedback Thread

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[icons] Vintage Shoujo

It's shoujo manga artwork from decades past! Ahh, the flowers, the sparkles, the gigantic shining eyes~ There're a couple exceptions, but I'm generally totally ignorant of the artists and series represented here, but just to be a little bit informative, I'll go out on a limb and say all of the art dates somewhere from the '60s to '80s. How's that for specific? Enjoy the pretty.

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[icons] Princess Dream

The icons are all made from scans of the very cute Crux memo pad, 'Princess Dream'.

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Princess Wink Kyaa! Princess Dream
Pretty♥ Yay! Presents! OMG!!
Tra~la~la Good Friends Don't Cry
Be Happy!